“Chopped” Fibers by Angeloni Group

The prepreg “chopped fibers” RCF CH1 and RCF CH3 are an increasingly sought-after solution: their aesthetic function, in fact, finds frequent applications in luxury automotive (especially for interiors), in the nautical sector, construction, as well as in the sports industry, thanks to the use of a base of recycled fibers. The “chopped fibers” are carbon fibers that have been fragmented or cut into shorter pieces, impregnated together with a base using epoxy resin. In addition to their aesthetic features, the use of “chopped fibers” can improve the surface quality, resistance, and thermal stability of composite materials. Furthermore, the nonwoven RCF CH1 and RCF CH3 significantly reduce the carbon footprint LCA thanks to the use of recycled fibers as a base fabric, derived from the waste of carbon fiber weaving processes. Angeloni Group offers two carbon fiber fabrics produced using this technique: CH1 and CH3 are the result of the combination of a base by recycled carbon fiber felt (from 100 g/m2) and fiber fragments, impregnated with epoxy resins. A product now used by top brands, synonymous of quality and performance.

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