An effective solution for the restoration and structural reinforcement of masonry and concrete structures today is provided by composite materials. Within the civil sector, these materials stand out for their high mechanical properties, combined with characteristics of lightness and ease of application.
Currently, there are various composite systems available to meet the multiple needs of the sector. Among these are FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer) with a polymer matrix and FRCM (Fiber Reinforced Cementitious Matrix) products with an inorganic matrix. These are suitable for targeted or extensive interventions for the reinforcement of columns, beams, and historic buildings.
Angeloni Group and Selcom Srl offer unidirectional and multiaxial fabrics for the creation of FRP reinforcements, as well as meshes for structural reinforcement through FRCM systems. The different products are capable of meeting various design requirements, thanks to multiple weights and fibers of different types, such as carbon, linen, steel, and glass, or through combinations of these materials.